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Dental Evidence – One Pager


6.9¹% of teens and young adults who received dental opioids went on to become new persistent users.

5.8¹% of teens and young adults who received dental opioids went on to have health encounters for an opioid abuse related diagnosis

Filling an opioid after wisdom teeth removal resulted in nearly 3²x the risk for becoming a new persistent user.


54³% of opioids prescribed for outpatient dental procedures go unused.

69% of misused opioids come from friends or relatives. (reference 4)

Most adolescents believe that prescription opioids are safer than other substances of abuse (reference 5).


Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen combined are more effective at dental pain control and carry less risk. (reference 6)

Dental patients who used opioids reported higher levels of pain than those who did not use opioids. (reference 7)

Satisfaction scores of dental patients did not change between opioid users and nonusers. (reference 7)


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