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Michigan OPEN

Dr. Brummett Contributes to Joint Op-Ed About Stigma

Oct 9, 2019

Dr. Chad Brummett of Michigan OPEN and Dr. Mary T. Bassett of Harvard University penned a joint op-ed about the role stigma plays in the nation’s opioid epidemic. The article, which appeared on Bridge Magazine’s website, stressed the necessity of developing an achievable plan of action to reduce the presence of stigma surrounding opioid use disorder in professional health care settings as well as in the community. Without a response, Drs. Bassett and Brummett argue that those struggling with opioid use disorder will continue to battle addiction alone. Eliminating stigma, they continue, is vital to save lives.

This article was published just prior to “Stigma and Access to Treatment,” the second joint summit hosted by Harvard University and the University of Michigan, which will take place in Boston on Oct. 10.