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Youth Engagement

A doctor engaging with a group of youth sitting on a couch.

Engaging with youth on the prevention strategies they want to see is a vital step in making resources accessible to young people. Schools can book a performance of Painless: The Opioid Musical, an impactful production that utilizes musical theatre to communicate the risks and realities associated with unsafe opioid use to teens. Teens can utilize our OPEN Teen page, where all resources and conversations were requested and tailored by teens, for teens. 

By harnessing the mediums and channels that best speak to today’s youth, we present a suite of educational tools tailored to effectively reach and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

A doctor engaging with a group of youth sitting on a couch.

Painless: The Opioid Musical

Inspired by true stories of addiction and recovery, Painless: The Opioid Musical was developed to educate high school students about the risks involved in taking opioids.

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*The OPEN Teen page is currently being crafted with the help of our Youth Board and will be available to access soon!

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