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Substance Use Disorder (SUD) presents a complex challenge to individuals, families, and communities. The multifaceted nature of this disorder calls for a comprehensive approach to prevention that encompasses not only individual behaviors but also addresses broader sociocultural and structural factors. Effective prevention methods of SUD can include focusing on the critical importance of safe storage and disposal of prescription medications to prevent misuse, the role of public health policy in orchestrating targeted interventions and creating supportive environments for recovery, and the significant influence of reducing stigma and promoting equity in ensuring that prevention efforts are inclusive and accessible to all segments of the population.

Safe Storage and Disposal

Managing unused, unwanted, and expired medications is a safety and environmental concern. There are simple and safe alternatives, like take-back events and local disposal sites. Learn more about safe storage and disposal.

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Public Health Policy

Understanding the many complex issues related to opioid misuse and overdose is extremely important in developing effective policy.

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Stigma + Equity

OPEN is dedicated to reducing stigma in our communities, especially in health care.

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