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Michigan OPEN



Stopping the opioid epidemic starts with education. OPEN’s brochures, which include all the legislatively mandated education required when prescribing an opioid, cover a variety of topics and can be distributed to patients prior to surgery.


Community involvement is critical in the fight against opioid dependency. Our guides assist localities, highlighting key issues for hosting take-back events, permanent medication disposal boxes, and more to help reduce the risk of unused prescriptions.


Help spread the word about opioids, their risks, and safe handling and disposal. Our posters can be placed in waiting rooms and exam rooms to help patients understand requirements, laws, and mandates concerning their prescriptions.

Stock Cards

Stock cards are a great way to provide information to your patients in an easy-to-understand format. They can be placed in waiting rooms and examination rooms and be included in pre-surgery packets.


We offer informative videos on opioid-related topics.