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Michigan OPEN

Evidence-Based Opioid Prescribing Guidelines and New Persistent Opioid Use After Surgery

  • In Michigan, new persistent opioid use rate decreased from 3.29% to 2.51% following the release of prescribing guidelines, which was an additional 0.53% decrease compared to patients outside of Michigan.   
  • Mean opioid prescription quantity for patients in Michigan decreased from 199.5 oral morphine equivalents (OMEs) to 88.6 OMEs after prescribing guidelines were released, which was an additional 55.7 OMEs decrease compared to patients outside of Michigan.
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Howard RA, Ryan A, Hu HM, Craig SB, Waljee JF, Bicket MC, Englesbe MJ, Brummett CM. Ann Surg: 2 January, 2023. DOI: 10.1097/SLA.0000000000005792