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Piloting a statewide emergency department take-home naloxone program: Improving the quality of care for patients at risk of opioid overdose

This resource details the implementation of our statewide Naloxone Emergency Department program.

  • More than 140 providers were trained in the use of medications for OUD in acute care settings.
  • A total of 872 naloxone rescue kits were distributed to ED patients at risk of opioid overdose during the first phase of this project.
  • A statewide ED take-home naloxone program was shown to be feasible across a range of different hospitals with varying maturity in preexisting OUD resources and capabilities.

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Dora-Laskey, A., Kellenberg, J., Dahlem, C.H., English, E., Walker, M. G., Brummett, C.M., Kocher, K.E. Published online 28 December, 2021