August 26, 2021 – The MEDIC team has assembled 6800 naloxone kits to date and shipped 4337 kits to 21 emergency departments throughout Michigan.

Hanan Mohammed
Ellie English
Dennis Boynton and Joan Kellenberg

October 8, 2020 – The MEDIC team hosted a virtual PCSS buprenorphine waiver training on October 8, 2020 for 86 ED providers from across Michigan. Drs. Brad Riley, Nick Rademacher, Andy King and Aaron Dora-Laskey served as trainers. BCBSM provided attendance incentives. The next training is scheduled for March 4, 2021.

March 11, 2020 – First naloxone kit dispensed at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing.

Laura Curtis, RN and Aaron Dora-Laskey, MD, MS (MEDIC project Co-Investigator)

Feb. 27, 2020 – More than 70 Michigan ED providers and other stakeholders attended the “Opioid Overdose Prevention: Emergency Care of the Post-Overdose Patient” winter summit. The summit focused on ED best practices and protocol development of post-opioid overdose care, including medication-assisted treatment (MAT). The summit was hosted by Michigan OPEN, MEDIC and the U-M Injury Prevention Center.

From left to right: Cindy Ketcham, EdD, BSN; Warren Lanphear, MD; Eric Ketcham, MD; Eve Losman, MD, MHSA; Lauren Whiteside, MD, MS; Keith Kocher, MD, MPH; Gina Dahlem, PhD, FNP-C

Feb. 26, 2020 – In East Lansing, 62 Michigan emergency department physicians and nurse practitioners attended a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) training coordinated by the Michigan OPEN-MEDIC project team. Dr. Eric Ketcham, an ED physician, addiction specialist and MAT expert from New Mexico, conducted the 8-hour waiver training. Drs. Brad Riley (Spectrum Health), Andy King (Detroit Medical Center) and Nick Rademacher (Hurley Medical Center) served as co-trainers and are MEDIC project physician champions. Nine MEDIC project participating EDs were represented plus five other Michigan hospitals. BCBSM provided financial incentives to physicians to attend the training. Attendees are required to apply for SAMHSA buprenorphine waiver certification.

Dr. Eric Ketcham

Jan. 22, 2020 – Initial 600 naloxone kits sent to participating emergency departments in Michigan.

George Gray & Merissa Maccani – gap year students.

November 2019 – The first summit of the “Opioid Overdose Prevention: Emergency Care of the Post-Overdose Patient” series was held on Nov. 20, 2019 and was co-hosted by Michigan OPEN, MEDIC and the Injury Prevention Center. Discussion was facilitated among stakeholders on best practices and protocol development of post-opioid overdose care in the ED, with a specific focus on naloxone distribution. Participants gained an understanding of the current landscape of post-overdose care protocols around the state, specifically naloxone protocols.

There were over 100 attendees from across Michigan, including physician and nurse champions from the Michigan OPEN/MEDIC project’s 11 committed sites.

From left to right: Gina Dahlem, PhD, FNP-C; Keith Kocher, MD, MPH; Lisa McCann-Spry, MSN, RN; Stephanie Mullennix, MSN, RN; Joneigh Khaldun, MD, MPH; Patrick Carter, MD; Chad Brummett, MD; Eve Losman, MD

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