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Michigan OPEN

Michigan OPEN Research Featured in NY Times

Jun 20, 2018

“We believe patient-reported outcomes are a better way to guide than expert consensus”

 -Michigan OPEN Co-Director Chad Brummett, MD.

In the midst of the Opioid Epidemic, much fueled by the over prescribing of painkillers after surgery, surgeons and researchers are searching for evidence-based guidelines regarding optimal prescription sizes after surgery.

Michigan OPEN, with collaborators MSQC released guidelines for opioid prescribing for various procedures back in Fall of 2017, which were again updated to include more procedures in March of 2018. These guidelines are updated quarterly to add more procedures and better refine guidelines for its current procedures as we gather more data.

Many others have adapted this approach within their state as well, including Marty Makary, a surgeon, researcher and professor of surgery at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore.