What should I know after my child’s surgery?

After surgery, you might be invited to join your child in the recovery area. This will depend on your hospital’s policy. Know that some children are very upset when they first awaken. This can be a consequence of the anesthesia itself rather than pain. Your child’s recovery team is best equipped to manage this and can answer any questions you may have.

Once you are at home, your goal is to support your child and help them be as comfortable as possible.

How will you know if your child is in pain? Ask them and watch them. You know your child best and can pick up on any signs that they’re in pain.

Pain might affect their sleep, appetite and mood. They might wake up more often at night, not want to eat or drink, cling to you or withdraw from you. For young children, it can be difficult to understand why they are having pain. Encourage and support them. Each child is unique, and their recovery may be different from another child’s. Use what you know about your child to help them recover.