Questions to Ask Your Surgeon

Below are some questions to consider when meeting with your child’s surgeon:

  1. What level of pain is typical after this surgery?
  2. When should I expect the pain to improve?
  3. When should I be concerned if the pain doesn’t improve?
  4. What can I do to help the pain improve? Will over-the-counter medications such as acetaminophen (Tylenol ® ) and ibuprofen (Motrin ® , Advil ® ) be recommended, and will you provide dosing instructions for them? Should I use them only if needed or on a schedule?
  5. Do you recommend prescription medication such as an opioid for my child? How much will you prescribe and at what dose? What are the risks of using an opioid?  
  6. If I choose not to fill an opioid prescription for my child, will you honor that decision?  
  7. If I don’t get an opioid prescription right away but then need it later, how difficult might it be to get later?

The answers to these questions will vary based on the surgery your child is having. If your surgeon is using medical language that you don’t understand, ask them to rephrase it using common language.

Discuss with your surgeon:

  • If your child has risk factors for opioid addiction, including depression, anxiety, prior opioid misuse, or a family history of addiction
  • If your child has increased anxiety about their surgery
  • Any other concerns you may have about your child having surgery

After your visit, reach out to your surgeon’s office if you have any additional questions.