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Michigan OPEN

Naloxone Vending Machines and Distribution Boxes

OPEN is collaborating with organizations and institutions across Michigan to expand access to free naloxone through naloxone vending machines and distribution boxes.

We offer two types of naloxone distribution machines:

  • Naloxone Vending Machines
  • Newspaper-Style Naloxone Distribution Boxes

Organizations can apply for free machines that will be placed at your location. OPEN will review applications and notify awardees via email. OPEN will purchase the machines and coordinate delivery to the organization. Organizations are responsible for stocking the machines with naloxone after placement. 

NOTE: Thank you for a positive response to this program! We hear you on the need for programs like this in the community. In order to better meet demand and practice OPEN’s value of health equity, applications for this program will now be reviewed biannually. Apply between July 1st and December 31st, 2024, to be considered for OPEN’s Spring 2025 program awardees. Accepted applications will be notified in March 2025.

Award OpportunityOne naloxone vending machine or naloxone distribution box.

Additional machines or boxes can be requested depending on the size of the organization and community need.
Eligibility RequirementsAwardees must be based in Michigan.

Awardees must demonstrate how their organization and community would benefit from the naloxone distribution products and how they would maintain and stock the machine.
Reporting RequirementsReporting total numbers of naloxone distributed through the machine
Application OpensJuly 1, 2024
Application ClosesDecember 31, 2024
Notification of AwardMarch 2025

Apply Now

  • Create a plan for:
    • Placement of the vending machine or distribution box
    • Restocking and maintaining the machine
    • Naloxone distribution tracking
  • Provide education materials to community members who are receiving naloxone
  • Report total distribution numbers back to the OPEN team monthly
  • Select awardees and contact by email. Award purchase will be initiated within 3 weeks of notice of project agreement.
  • Provide awardees with:
    • Naloxone vending machines or naloxone distribution box
    • Available online educational materials
  1. Organization name
  2. Organization location
  3. Name, title, email of project lead
  4. Why is it important to distribute naloxone to your community? What unmet needs will this opportunity help address?
  5. What existing structures does your organization have in place to distribute naloxone or other harm reduction supplies?
  6. Please provide context on your organization: What general services are provided?
  7. Please describe your plan for placement of the naloxone distribution machine(s).
  8. How will you maintain and stock the machine after placement? Do you have identified staff to champion this effort? 
  9. What type of distribution machine(s) are you interested in?
    1. Vending machine
    2. Newspaper-style distribution box
    3. Both
  10. Acknowledgement: Our organization’s mission is to provide care and prevent harm to patients. We will use the materials and resources provided in this grant opportunity towards this intended purpose only.
  • Who will be responsible for refilling the machine with naloxone after placement?
    • Your organization will be responsible for maintaining and refilling the machine.
  • How do we obtain naloxone to fill the machine?
    • MDHHS provide free naloxone to community organizations for distribution. Orders can be placed by filling out this form and submitting to
  • Our organization has multiple locations. Could we obtain vending machines/distribution boxes for all locations?
    • Yes – please indicate this in your application.
  • What organizations are eligible to obtain a machine through this program?
    • All organizations, including (but not limited to) hospitals and health centers, community organizations, local businesses, and libraries are eligible.
  • How much space do I need?
    • The vending machine is 28.5″ W x 72″ H x 29.5″ D
    • The newspaper-style box is 19 1/4″ W x 30″ H x 16 1/4″ D.