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Michigan OPEN

Permanent Medication Disposal Box Program

OPEN partners with American Security Cabinets to provide organizations across Michigan with permanent disposal boxes for an easy and safe medication disposal option. We aim to remove the risk of unused medications and substances from our community by establishing permanent disposal boxes in locations that are convenient for patients and community members. Check out this brochure for sizing and additional information.

Organizations can apply for free permanent disposal boxes, in the size that best meets their needs. OPEN will purchase the products and ship them directly to the awardees. Awardees will be responsible for installation of the box, as well as providing metrics on the use and impact of the box through progress reporting.

NOTE: Thank you for a positive response to this program! We hear you on the need for programs like this in the community. In order to better meet demand and practice OPEN’s value of health equity, applications for this program will now be reviewed biannually. Apply between July 1st and December 31st, 2024, to be considered for OPEN’s Spring 2025 program awardees. Accepted applications will be notified in March 2025.

Award Opportunity-Permanent disposal box (size of your choosing).
-Disposal box liners for one year after installation.
-Optional online access to kiosk management system.
Eligibility Requirements-Awardees must be based in Michigan.
-Two staff contacts per site.
-Commitment to completion of a brief program evaluation survey.
-Plan for ongoing box maintenance after OPEN funding ends.
-Must meet the Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR part 1317.35 - 1317.40) to collect controlled substances.
Application OpensJuly 1, 2024
Application ClosesDecember 31, 2024
Notification of AwardMarch 2025

Apply Now

Application and Evaluation

  1. Organization name
  2. Organization address
  3. Name, title, email of project lead
  4. Name, title, email of second project person
  5. Why is it important to put a disposal box at this site? Please describe the need and potential impact of the disposal box at your site. Impact could include quantitative measures (ex: amount of medication collected) or qualitative feedback from the organization or community members. 
  6. If you successfully implement this permanent disposal box, what practice or culture changes do you anticipate will occur with your organization or community as a whole?
  7. What challenges or barriers do you anticipate and how do you plan to overcome them?
  8. How does your organization plan to continue to support the maintenance of the permanent disposal box after the grant term is complete?
  9. What existing structures does your organization have in place to encourage medication/substance disposal, prevention, or harm reduction?
  10. Describe any ongoing training opportunities your organization offers for medication/substance use prevention and/or stigma reduction.
  11. Select the box that best fits the needs and capacity of your organization.
    • RXD-6G 6 gallons
    • RXD-20G 20 gallons
    • RXD-28G 28 gallons
    • RXD-38G 38 gallons
    • RXD-46G 46 gallons
  12. Provide a brief explanation for why you chose this specific box.


  • By checking this box, you acknowledge that you have reviewed the Code of Federal Regulations ensuring that your organization meets the requirements for hosting a permanent medication disposal box.
  • By checking this box, you acknowledge that you have reviewed the Destruction Services Agreement. Formal completion of this contract will be required if selected for an award.

*These questions are a sample and may be modified based on OPEN’s discretion.

  1. What has gone well through the implementation of a permanent disposal box?
  2. What have some challenges been for implementing a box? What solutions did you/will you utilize?
  3. Has the box been utilized by the community?
  4. How has the organization raised awareness regarding the disposal box? 
  5. Are there any other tools utilized to educate and engage the community regarding medication disposal?
  6. Please share any materials that the organization has used to disseminate information about the disposal box (i.e. announcements, links, photos, news articles, etc.).
  7. How many times has the box reached full capacity?
  8. How many pounds have been collected total at your site?
  9. Please provide any feedback on the partnership with American Security Cabinets.
  10. Please provide any feedback about the partnership with OPEN.
  11. Please provide any additional comments.