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Michigan OPEN

Open for Healthcare Professionals

We offer evidence-based best practices and the latest research in an effort to support healthcare professionals and change the trajectory of the opioid epidemic. On this site, you’ll find up-to-date resources for:

Our Evidence

Our team conducts research on numerous aspects of opioid prescribing and pain management. Take a look at our published research.

Our Evidence

Medication for Opioid Use Disorder Training

This free 1.75-hour CME course will explain and illustrate the fundamentals of medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) and successfully and safely prescribe MOUD.

Take Back Event Google Folder

Utilize our Take Back Event resources to run a successful event.

Medication Safe Storage & Disposal

Learn how to safely store and dispose of medications.

Sharps and Liquids Safe Disposal

Learn how to safely dispose of needles, lancets, and liquid medications.

Safe Storage & Disposal Impact Report

Learn about OPEN’s impact in safe storage and disposal.

Permanent Disposal Guide

Learn how to implement a permanent medication disposal box program in your community.

Medication Disposal

Learn how to facilitate discussion on safe disposal of unused opioids with your healthcare provider.

Medication Take Back Event Guide

Learn how to successfully host a Medication Take Back Event in your community.