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Michigan OPEN

Education + Training

Empowering medical professionals with the latest research and best practices concerning opioid prescribing and usage is a substantial part of our mission at OPEN. We offer free, self-paced online courses with continuing education credits to help you make the most informed, evidence-based choices for your patients.


Dentists are the number-one prescribers of opioids to teens and young adults in the United States. Learn more about the role dentists can play in the opioid crisis, including alternative strategies to reduce misuse.

ED Professionals

Emergency department professionals see the effects of opioid misuse and its results on a regular basis. Find out more about best practices for non-prescribing providers to help transform the opioid epidemic.


Nurses often have one-on-one opportunities to counsel patients in safe opioid use as well as detect misuse and dependency. Our courses include up-to-date learnings for non-prescribing providers.


Managing pain in children and teens after surgery presents unique challenges as most young patients are opioid-naive. Learn about the role of acute care prescribing in opioid dependency.


Primary care physicians have the ability to directly impact the opioid epidemic by learning and implementing best-practice care management. Explore current thinking on acute care prescribing.


Surgeons play an outsized role in helping to change the trajectory of the opioid epidemic. Our courses provide best practices for care coordination during the postoperative period.