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Common Myths About Opioid Addiction and Recovery

Myth or Fact? Its really hard to prevent death from a drug overdose since people usually use drugs in private. 

  • Myth! An overdose can take place anywhere, and seldom are people completely alone. 1 death can be prevented for every 227 units of naloxone distributed. The more people have access to naloxone, the more lives will be saved.

Myth or Fact? Using naloxone will delay a person’s entry into drug treatment and encourage even more risky drug use. 

  • Myth! When someone is revived with naloxone, they have new access points to treatment opportunities from the first responders to the Emergency Room staff, to the local ROOT team. Studies have shown a decrease, not an increase, in self-reported drug use. 

Myth or Fact? It is a waste of resources to save a person with naloxone since he or she is likely to overdose again and again.

  • Myth! It is never a waste of resources to save a life. When naloxone is used, there is a greater opportunity for a person can get into treatment and gain the first step on the path to full recovery.

Deputies Discussing Myths