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How to Respond to an Opioid Overdose: Take A.C.T.I.O.N.

Arouse (3's)1. Shout their name
2. Shake shoulders vigorously to arouse
3. Sternal rub
Check for signs of an overdose-Slowed or No Breathing
-Blue/Gray Lips or Fingernails
-Deep Snoring/Gurgling Noises
-Unresponsive to Pain Pinpoint Pupils
Telephone 911Call 911
Intranasal/Intramuscular NaloxoneGive naloxone
OxygenGive 2 rescue breaths initially; then 1 breath every 5 seconds OR do CPR if you know how OR follow dispatcher instructions.
Naloxone againRepeat naloxone in 2-3 minutes if the person does not respond after the first dose. Stay with the person if it is safe to do so until help arrives. If you must leave the person unattended or the person vomits, place the person in a side-lying recovery position (see below).

Rescue Breathing vs CPR

Still wondering when you should perform CPR?

30:2 means 30 chest compressions for every 2 breaths. 

Important to take note:

If the person who overdosed is still not breathing after 2-3 minutes, administer another dose of naloxone. Naloxone can be repeated every 2-3 minutes. Continue resuscitation until the person wakes up or resumes breathing. 

Once the person begins breathing on their own, place the person in a position of comfort. If the person vomits or you must leave the person unattended, place the person in recovery position.

Stay with the person until advanced medical help arrives.