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Important Things to Remember About Naloxone

Important Things to Remember about Naloxone

  1. A person can overdose again, even after receiving naloxone.
    • While the risk of re-overdose is low, it does increase if the person decides to use again soon after naloxone is administered and/or if a longer acting opioid such as sustained-release oxycodone or morphine or methadone was ingested.
  2. Naloxone does NOT remove the opioid from the body; it only temporarily blocks the opioid for 30-120 minutes.
    • Some opioids can last longer than this. Heroin can last in a person’s body for 3-5 hours, and methadone for 24-72 hours, so they’re still in danger until the opioid is gone from their body.
  3. The person should NOT use opioids again during this time when naloxone is in their body.