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What are the Signs and Symptoms of an Opioid Overdose?

Even if a person has only ONE of these symptoms, and you suspect they may have taken some opioids, they could be overdosing, so take ACTION!

  • Slow, Erratic, or No Breathing
    • Opioids slow down your breathing
  • Bluish-purple Lips and Fingernails; Ashen Gray if Darker Skinned
    • The lips and fingernails turn blue since the individual’s breathing has dramatically slowed. This slowed breathing reduces oxygen levels in the body and turns the lips and fingernails blue. 
  • Unresponsive to Pain Stimulus
    • In an overdose state, the individual is likely not to respond to the surroundings. A sternal rub can be applied to check for the individual’s response, since it is commonly used as a painful stimulus.
  • Choking Sounds, or Snore-like Gurgling Noises 
    • As your breathing slows and the person is unable to cough, secretions may build up at the back of the throat causing these rattling/choking or gurgling sounds.
  • Unconscious
    • The person is unresponsive to the environment or has become suddenly unaware. 
  • Pinpoint Pupils
    • The pupil is a dark circle at the center of the eye. Pinpoint pupils are when this dark circle becomes quite small.