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How Long do Opioids Last in Someone’s Body?

Each type of opioid varies in strength and how long it lasts in a person’s body.
Heroin can last in a person’s body for 3-5 hours, while methadone can last for 22-48 hours and fentanyl for 1-2 hours. Even after being given naloxone, a person could overdose again, so stay with the person until help arrives if it is safe to do so.

Rapid response to an overdose, no matter what opioid has been taken, is still important in saving lives and preventing any further medical complications. Stronger opioids such as fentanyl may require more than 1 dose of naloxone.
Call 9-1-1 in the result of any overdose.

Oral Potency Compared to MorphineDurationOnset
Morphine4-5 hours15-60 minutes
Hydrocodone4-6 hours10-30 minutes
Heroin (2x)30 minutes - 6 hours45 seconds - several minutes; peak effect after 1-2 hours
Methadone8-130 hours30-60 minutes
Fentanyl (50-100x)1-3 hours5-30 minutes